They call me the "Bloated Belly Whisperer."

And I know your story.

Maybe you’ve had a sensitive stomach since childhood, or perhaps things were perfect until… that parasite you picked up on vacation… that food poisoning you got one time… that surgery you had. But no matter when it all started, you’ve wound up in a state of digestive disarray. And no one seems to be able to help.

You’ve seen every “ologist” you could think to visit, and thrown in some alternative health practitioners as well. They tested you, prescribed medications, sold you expensive supplements, made you read their books. And you’re still miserable. So you saw a nutritionist, and she eliminated every possible food on the planet from your diet. Still miserable. (And hungry, too.) So you turned to the internet, where you got sucked into the rabbit hole of self-diagnosis and self-treatment, with little understanding as to the rhyme and reason of it all.

Ready to stop the madness?

Forget what you’ve read online, and stop scapegoating gluten. I’ve helped thousands of patients at the end of their ropes figure out what’s really causing their digestive woes, and how to eat the healthiest diets they can comfortably tolerate. I rely on good science and my deep clinical experience to get to the bottom of digestive health mysteries of all sorts. I might be able to help you, too!