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Holiday Gift Guide for the Digestively Disturbed

We all know (and love) someone who's got... issues. The constantly bloated belly... the repeat trips to the bathroom...the restricted diet born of a sensitive stomach. These friends need to know we've got their backs, and nothing does a better job of conveying this message then a thouhtfully procured gift.  Here are my picks for the 2017 season:


Gluten-Free Goodies

Your sad celiac friends are always left out of the Christmas Cookie Swaps and homemade office kitchen treats. These indulgent baked goods ship nationwide, and can help turn your beloved gluten-free friend's frown upside down.

Low FODMAP Cookbook

The low FODMAP diet has probably helped someone you know with IBS feel markedly better, but the diet can come at a price: boredom. If your bloated friend is growing weary of grilled chicken with zucchini for dinner... again... treat him or her to the latest and greatest from veteran recipe developer Dede Wilson and dietitian extraordinaire, Kate Scarlata. 

The Low FODMAP Diet Step By Step (~$16 on Amazon)


Pukka Organic Digestif Teas 


The five teas that comprise Pukka's Digestif collection have such gorgeous packaging that no recipient could possibly be embarrassed about being gifted one (or more) of them. The teas in this range feature organic herbals known for their digestively soothing properties, like mint, fennel and licorice. Throw in a fancy mug and you've got yourself a gift. (Skip the chicory-containing 'After Dinner' product if your recipient is prone to gas, though, and avoid gifting licorice containing varieties to pregnant women.)

Pukka Teas, ~$6/box of 20 teabags




Squatty Potty


A more intimate gift best reserved for good-humored siblings and your closest of confidantes, the Squatty Potty can be a helpful bathroom accessory for those who struggle with constipation. It's a stepstool that's shaped to hug your standard toilet, enabling one to achieve the optimal anatomical pooping position. The company's holiday gift bundle also comes with a set of before-you-go sprays to help keep maintain a fresh and festive bathroom ambience, and the stools are available in a variety of materials and colors, from white plastic to teakwood to a translucent acrylic that looks straight out of a Kartell Modern catalog.

Squatty Potty, from $19.99-$79.99


Disclosure note: I have no material affiliations with any of the companies whose products were featured in this blog post